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-- 100+ Years of Sustained Accuracy --

Good news for our resellers and customers!  We now have (4) spanking new brochures on the shelf for immediate use. Please advise how many pieces you want of the following items-- click on the model number to upload a .pdf for immediate use:
Effective Spring 2013, USB PORTS will be added to the PLUS+ Series Universal Main Board used in virtually all Pennsylvania Scale products: Bench Scales, Indicators, Baggage Scales. To begin, they will be phased in to the 7300 Series of bench weighing scales according to Rainer Holmberg, President of Pennsylvania Scale. The 7300 is first priority, as they are frequently used in Shipping/Manifest systems (such as FedEX or UPS Worldship) and most likely to be connected to a host PC-based processing system. The new feature will facilitate plug-and-play utility. Newer Personal-Computers, laptops, and other host devices no longer have as many serial inputs, rather favoring USB ports due to their universal acceptance for MP3 and digital images, music, and photography.
Eventually, all products will have a USB port as standard. 
SITA Approval: Effective Spring 2013, All BAGGAGE SCALES and Baggage Scale ELECTRONIC Upgrade Kits now have SITA approval. SITA is a European standard for software interfacing that allows Pennsylvania Baggage Scales or scales using Pennsylvana Electronic display components to be plug-and-play directly and off-the-shelf with ticketing software to track bag weights and integrate the bag weight function with the ticketing process. 
We're pleased to report that our business level has rebounded to 'pre-Recession' numbers for both bookings and shipments. In fact, January 2013 numbers for both bookings and shipments exceeded any month for which we have sales records under the current ownership of the A. H. Emery Company (Emery Winslow Scale Company).
We continue with a healthy backlog in all areas of our Lancaster, PA production facility: Digital indicators, bench scales, floor scales, and medium-range bench scales/Airline Baggage Scales + a nice backlog of orders being assembled in the corporate Terre Haute, IN facility.
We attribute this surge to the recovering economy, but more specifically to our flexibility in working with our customers, new outlets for our products, our uniquely-differentiated brand identity, and benefitting from product line changes and mistakes made by our competition. We are enjoying several large orders from municipalities for Baggage Scale projects and also related to changes in how packages are shipped.
Company President Rainer Holmberg has announced that we are approaching our 40,000 mark of PLUS+ Series Main Boards used in the entire Pennsylvania Scale product line.  The innovative board design is flashed with operating software for the entire Pennsylvania Scale and Emery Winslow product lines-- it is used in every product with minor hardware variations to accomodate AC/DC power supplies, DC power, input/output connections for batching and process control, and up to (4) remote displays for Baggage Scale applications.
ALL options are interchangeable throughout the product line.  Options include ETHERNET, Solid State RELAYS, ANALOG proportionate output (0-10 VDC or 4 - 20 mA analog)-- with either AC or DC relays for input and/or output functions, and many other applications. 
It is this type of standardization that makes Pennsylvania Scale products the easiest to service in the industry-- with a high success rate providing best performance for servicing dealer/distributors and OEM's.  Our unique consistency-- for example calibration steps and features-- permit technicians to easily make changes or calibrate without even the necessity of a service manual.  The Emery Winslow models (7400 and 7600E) actually emulate the original Condec (Consolidated Controls) UMC series, especially UMC 600 and UMC 700) making them ideal 'OR EQUAL' field replacements for hundreds of thousands of existing installations in the field!
Another great feature of the PLUS+ board is its ease of adding features or customization in the field through the use of a Serial Data Loader which provides for an updated flash of the operating system ON SITE through an Email packet-- features added in each consecutive software release or special features can be added, without affecting calibration-- a feature unique to the weighing business.
No other manufacturer in our industry has longer Warranties, provides for field labor under the standard Warranty, has more products Made in the USA, and has more convenient and reliable consistency in their product range than Pennsylvania Scale!
Pennsylvania Scale continues to surge ahead after the Great Recession of 2008-10!  We have broken records for both shipments and bookings for the months of February, March, April, AND May 2012.  The market is changing in the following ways, all of which are benefitting the Pennsylvania Scale brand:
  • Several comeptitors have either ceased production or modified designs on their counting scale products, either vacating or changing the market for these products and creating opportunity for Pennsylvania Scale.
  • Due to market overload, primarily oversupply of low end products mainly from China, the market is so fragmented with unestablished brands or (even worse) low end products relabled with once-trusted brands, that customers are reverting the 'TRUSTED SOURCES' for products.  In this situation, the lowest price competitior is no longer the value leader.  This change in buying pattern is benefitting Pennsylvania Scale.
  • Consumers in North America are looking for MADE IN USA products, again benefitting Pennsylvania Scale-- our products ship NAFTA Free Trade to our Mexican and Canadian business partners.
  • The recent visit from Governor Tom Corbett and State Senator Lloyd Smucker has drawn attention to the unique attributes of our brand and especially the ripple effect of jobs created through our suppliers in Pennsylvania and North America-- specifically castings from Leheighton and Pottstown, PA; sheet from Blairsville, York, and Dover, PA; cables from Seven Valleys and Birdsboro, PA; steel fab from Manheim, PA and our own plant in Terre Haute IN.  
  • A large national account is marketing our products both by brand, due to our brand recognition, and emphasizing the 'Made in USA' aspect of our products-- this has resulted in significant market exposure and new channel to the market for our products.
  • 49 M64 Baggage Scales shipped destined for Port Au Prince, Haiti.


The significance of manunfacturing jobs is that these producers expand and enhance the tax revenue base for municipalities in the USA.  When local businesses-- especially small businesses-- thrive and expand, the revenue sources for government increase!


ABC News' Made in USA site has made note of our 'Made in USA' status.


Recently one of our employees, Rodney Smith, who has overcome major obstacles in his life, was featured on the front page of the local newspaper, The Intellegencer Journal/Lancaster New Era.  In a feature article about his struggle and healing, the article acknowledges Rodney's employment and the important part of his recovery.


Life is good these days for our producers, dealers/distributors, and all of our associates.



 L:  Our own Rob Woodward had the honor of introducing Governor Corbett at his Press Event held in our facility; the point of  his address was to acknowledge the role of business and expanding the tax base and increasing revenues; how public entities should be run with the same flexibility and efficiency as businesses; and to build a case for his 2012-2013 budget.  R:  The 'team' poses with State Senator Lloyd Smucker (dignitary on L) and Governor Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania (dignitary on R).  The event was covered by all local print and television sources, as well as PCN.

What a nice surge of business we've had in early 2012!  We're proof that there is a renewed interest in Made in USA products.  Here are a few bright signs we can share:
  • COUNTING SCALES-- Due to some product changes by our competitors as well as quality issues, as well as our ability to ship in 1-2 days, we've seen a nice surge in our 7500 and 7600 series bench counting scale products.
  • BAGGAGE-- We can officially announce that the Terminal 3 expansion at John Wayne Orange County (CA) airport is finished.  Pennsylvania baggage scales were used exclusively in this project.  Thanks to Balance Industrial Scale Company for placing the M64 Baggage Scales into service and making things go so smoothly!  We received a nice order this month for Port Au Prince Haiti and share our thanks to dealer Smith Scale Company, Hialeah FL for bringing in this job.
  • POSTAL-- Several nice postal jobs have been processed and several National Accounts for manifesting bench scales using our 7300 series or a modified version.
  • GLOBAL INDUSTRIAL-- Global is now promoting our products as premium products in a 'good/better/best' scenario as well as the Made in U.S.A. aspect.  This promises high visibility in the marketplace for customers who purchase this way as well as reinforcing the unique aspects of the Pennsylvania Scale brand!
  • LOAD CELLS-- We are flexing our muscles in supplying LOAD CELLS and OEM components for scales and weighing systems as well as competing for our dealer/distributors' load cell business.  Due to the thousands of load cells we keep in stock at any one time and our sheer volume of usage, we have great leverage in competing for the component side of the business!


We are now running at PRE RECESSION business levels.  In fact February's bookings exceed previous February bookings (back to 2003), a  healthy sign.


Thank you for your continued loyalty and goodwill towards the Pennsylvania Scale brand and way of life!

(November 2009) I was concerned that when there was a recovery to the economic recession of 2008-2009, that the market would revert to the bottom line 'point and click' mentality.
As I write this entry, our employees have returned to a full 40 hour week for almost 10 weeks and we are presently allowing overtime on a limited basis.  We have shipped quantities of Baggage Scales to several airports, some of these benefitting from stimulus dollars, but most of them expanding anticipating a larger recovery.  October was the best month of 2009 by far and the surge is for all products in all areas of the shop, accross the board.  The growing backlog is a source of stress, but this time it's good stress as we ramp up to a new business level.
Point:  There seems to be a solid renewed appreciation for the Pennsylvania Scale brand, our commitment to 'Made in USA' quality, and our responsive style of customer service.  We are focused on doing things a unique way and our brand is well differentiated for those who appreciate our way of life:
  • 15-20 year service life vs. throwaway low end competitive products
  • Made in USA
  • Full interchangeability of our PLUS+ series service board which retrofits existing pre-2004 deisgns (who does that?)
  • Consistent, technician-friendly designs including cal steps that are consistent to past designs making field adjustments easy without the need for a service manual
  • Integrity and fair treatment
  • Web site reports show a high percentage of searches used to locate our site were based on the key words 'PA Scale', 'Penn Scale', Penna Scale' and variations of the same.  The conclusion from this is we are searched every day by customers satisfied with the performance of our brand and looking for additional equipment based on the strength of past experience.


The bottom line is that our dealers and customers never took us for granted.  When business conditions recover they migrate back to the suppliers that are uniquely able to support their needs.


WalMart hasn't hurt Nordstrom's or Macy's as much as the media uproar hinted-- instead it forced them to focus on the unique attributes of their brands and differentiate as much as possible to thrive.  As the rush of China-manufactured products floods the market in North America, Pennsylvania scale will also refocus on the core attributes of our brand so that we are well differentiated and ready to thrive.

A revised NTEP Certificate encompassing all bench scales and indicators has been issued by the National Type Evaluation Program from the National Conference on Weights and Measures for all Pennsylvania Scale Company products with the following model numbers:
  • Bench scales 7300, 7500, and 7600
  • Indicators 7500 and 7600
  • Indicators 7400 and 7600E
  • 7400 REM DIS indicators that are used for remote indication in Baggage Scale and bench scale applications 


The new certificate strealines and simplifies all of this family of products and includes photographs for easier identification of units in the field.


The new commercial application certificate is for all Class III and IIIL applications plus shows 10,000 divisions. 

For a .pdf file copy of the newest NTEP cert, click HERE


Thanks to the efforts of our Rainer Holmberg, our most important core products are encompassed for both United States (NTEP) and Canada.  For more information about this, contact the factory or you can view the certificates at

Three members of Pennsylvania Scale will be attending the InterWEIGH2009 Exhibition in Shanghai, China in May 2009-- Rainer Holmberg (President of Pennsylvania Scale), William K. Fischer (CEO of Emery Winslow Scale Company) and Rob Woodward (VP of Pennsylvania Scale) will travel to China and attend the show plus tour two factories as guests of Zhonghang Electronic Measuring Instruments Co., Ltd. (ZEMIC).  ZEMIC is cosponsor for CIWEI and Mr. Joe Kang (President/General Manager of ZEMIC) is vice president of CIWIA.  The China Weighing Instrument Association is a politicosocial group in China involved in all aspects of research and development, production, distribution, and users of weighing equipment within China. 
CIWIA has reached out to the trade organization based in the USA, the International Society of Weighing and Measurement (ISWM) of which Pennsylvania scale is a member and our Rob Woodward is President 2008-2010. 
InterWEIGH2009 is the largest exposition of its kind in the world and it is home to a wide range of weighing and measuring products with truly a global representation from all corners of the world.  Exhibitors and attendees represent a 'Who's Who' of the weighing industry throughout the world.
As Pennsylvania Scale-- a USA brand 'made in the USA'-- looks to grow, more interest will be placed on the international marketplace both as a source of partners and market opportunities.  While it is envisioned that the integrity of our brand must remain closely focused on our key values, an ideal relationship could consist of a partner with a parallel brand that addresses other market opportunties.
Information about InterWEIGH2009 can be found at
Model 64 Baggage Scales with platforms up to 24 x 30" are widely used for baggage check-in applications.  We have recently refined our Baggage Scale products with some new versions to offer larger platform sizes and/or replacement/upgraded electronics for existing competitors' products where the platforms are in good condition but the electronics have become unreliable.
1.)  Model 64 Elecronics Package.
Existing installations can be upgraded using our M64 Electronics package consisting of a Main Board enclosed in a concealable aluminum enclosure underneath and inside check-in counters.  This box functions as a digital indication system and is fully compatible with existing platforms manufactured by others regardless of load cell design.  SINGLE or DUAL displays can be used with this system, with or without buttons.  Typically the buttons ZERO, UNITS, and PRINT are provided for the agent side of the counter and a display without buttons is installed flush on the inside face of the bagwell or front facing the customer.  A wide variety of existing capacities and resolutions can be accomodated with simple set-up in the field.  Further, this system is covered under a unique NTEP Commercial Certificate.
2.)  Larger Platform sizes for any bagwell opening
Utilizing the Single End Shear beam and extremely heavy duty design of our floor scales, we can make HD platforms of unique sizes to suit most any bagwell configuration.  The benefits of using HD Single End Shear Beam load cells in this way cannot be understated-- they are more accurate, durable, and suited to the rough and tumble life of a baggage scale.  The fabricated steel weighing frame is designed like a floor scale with fully adjustable heavy duty leveling feet for unmatched performance and incredible durability.  The best part of this design is they are no more expensive than the cheaper and less satisfactory planar beam designs used by many of our competitors!  Platforms of this design from 24 x 24" all the way up to 96 x 120" are covered under the NTEP Commercial Type Approval of our floor scale series.  When  used with M64 Electronics, they arrive pre-calibrated and  ready for installation.
The platforms are finished with an attractive Stainless Steel shroud to match the architectural design of the check-in stations.  Look for Pennsylvania Scale baggage weighing stations in airports throughout the world-- performing reliably with minimum maintenance.   
Odd sized floor scale for unique application or to fit an existing pit w/o modifying it?  Special loading requirement?  Point loading?  Let us quote and design a custom floor scale for you or your customer!
Due to the unique engineering and manufacturing capability at our corporate facility in Terre Haute, Indiana, Pennsylvania Scale is adept at providing special designs at standard pricing with 3-4 week lead times.  Examples of these applications would be:
  • Underneath a stretch-wrap machine for weighing and wrapping capability
  • Fitting an existing pit with an odd sized platform
  • Special loading requirements, such as weighing coils or tanks
  • Floor scale in place of separate tank mounts for greater accuracy and reduced costs-- especially in commercial weighing applications requiring Weights and Measures approvals
  • Unusual platform sizes to accomodate carts or vehicles with large wheelbases
  • Space restrictions, such as Commercial Laundries where floor space is at a premium
  • Height issues-- either higher or lower than standard design


In addition to the standard Single Ended Shear Beam floor scale load cell design, due to the engineering capability of our parent company (Emery Winslow Scale Company) and shared resources, we an design around Double Ended Sheer Beam load cell modules and  have unique access and experience from the corporate large and special duty scales such as truck scale platforms, railroad track scales, and tank systems. 


In addition, most of the Emery Winslow designs are compatible with strain guage-based load cells and modules... meaning that strain guage-based Pennsylvania Scale truck scales or coil scales are price competitive with the mainstream brands.  Contact us today with your special requirement!




Due to the high volume purchasing of the combined companies of Pennsylvania Scale and our parent company Emery Winslow Scale Company plus contract manufacturing usage, we are one of the top OEM users of name-branded load cells in the USA market.  Pennsylvania Scale is an excellent and highly competitive source for replacement load cells for existing scales from other manufacturers' products. 
We are top level customers for the following brands of commonly used load cells, many of which are direct interchange with 'other' brands.  Let us know what type and capacity load cell you need-- you may be surprised at the fast delivery and excellent pricing for the following brands among others:
  • Sensortronics - Single Ended Shear Beam load cells for floor scales and tank scales
  • Vishay Tedea Huntleigh - Single Point load cells for bench scales
  • Coti Inc. - Direct replacements for many applications
  • Scaime AG - Single Point load cells used in bench scale applications
  • CellTron - Single Ended Shear Beam load cells
  • Others

IF you are looking for an OEM supplier for load cells and instrumentation... IF you are seeking replacement load cells for existing equipment... IF you are looking for a vendor partner for these products, contact Pennsylvania Scale Company today.

Sage green price page sets have been introduced covering the entire line of Pennsylvania Scale counting and weighing floor scales, bench weighing, bench counting, digital indicators, and bench platforms.  While a few items have seen price increases, the vast majority of bench scale and indicator products remain untouched.  <To download a set of 8.2008 price pages, Click HERE>  A few of the improvements to the price page sets follow:
  • New booklet style with staple; 3-hole punch; simplified discount codes
  • Popular spare parts for our floor scales have been included for salespeople that sell parts, addressing the industry trend for salespeople to sell parts and servicemen to sell scales!
  • Options such as Analog proportional Output (which fits all models); Ethernet; Solid State Relay controls; UPS Online defaults; Dual and Triple ranging are now included putting more information where it is needed... in the field... to make quoting and purchasing easier than ever
  • Sage Green color is easily identified
  • Digital Weight indicators now grouped by family-- with the classic Pennsylvania models that weigh and count on one page and the Emery Winslow models suited for heavy capacity and batching systems seperately on another-- they have 10 point linearization, easy 'tweek' mode for zero and span, 300 Truck Tare in/out memory slots, and easy menu-picked batching sequences
  • Floor scale ramps, pit frames, accessories grouped for convnient use
  • Barrel scales and low profle floor scales for laundries, drum weighing etc. grouped together
  • Airline Baggage scales more clearly identified plus new models of Airlne Baggage scales with larger platforms
  • Tank scale systems, tank mounts, and accessories grouped together for easy access
  • Replacement load cells that fit most brands and models of floor scales including Pennsylvania Scales are listed with detail for easy quoting... we have great prices on a wide range of Sensortronics and Coti load cells plus stock availability of Celtron, Pacific, Scaime, Tedea Huntleigh, and other load cells-- contact factory for excellent pricing and great deliveries
  • OEM-friendly products listed conveniently

Pennsylvania Scale is celebrating our 100th years of sustained accuracy in 2008




Due to increased demand in Asia-- specifically China and emerging markets-- the price of mild steel used in the manufacture of Pennsylvania Scales has risen considerably in 2008.  We are working hard to contain costs and limit the need for price increases, however it is difficult in a world market where demand drives up the price of our floor scales-- all Made in the USA-- and then inferior products are dumped in our market, putting enormous price pressure on us as well.  For example, the steel structural extrusion material that is used in our most popular 48" x 48" floor scale designs has DOUBLED since January 2008-- and we use 16' of it in each and every scale.  A few comments about our floor scale design and marketing philosophy:


1.  We will not cheapen our product to match the competition.  Our floor scale design in the 48 x 48" size uses the original design for the 10K scale-- in all capacities 1000 lbs, 2000 lbs, 5000 lbs, and 10,000 lbs.  It was designed for minimal deflection to outlast and outperform the competition.  We have a 5 year Warranty on this product. 


2.  Production meets type.  Our design has not been cheapened to save cost-- it is the design that was approved by NTEP and meets the originally approved specifications exactly.


3.  Our entire product line is designed for the heaviest anticipated use.  Of course, if the scale will see fork lift traffic or other types of severe point loading, we reinforce the weighbridge even more.


4.  We still use Sensortronics name brand load cells almost exclusively-- they are widely appreciated for crisp performance, long life, and superior quality.


5.  Custom sized floor scales at standard pricing-- call for a quote.


6.  Quality workmanship differentiates our floor scales... for example the finish of the deck plate (vs sharp edges and corners), quality and durabilitiy of the powder coat finish (vs. thinly applied or poorly sprayed)... Corners calibrated carefully before the scale ships (vs. no corner calibration and no factory matching)... 5 Year Warranty (vs. ?)...


Our goal is for Pennsylvania Scale to be around for another 100 years!




The International Society of Weighing and Measurement is the trade organization bringing together scale manufacturers, dealers, distributors, Weights and Measures officials, and is the center of commerce for the weighing and parts counting business.  Pennsylvania Scale Company is active and committed to the ISWM. 


Further:  We at Pennsylvania Scale support the placing in service by an Authorized distributor or dealer of all weighing devices intended for commercial applications.  For the value and support (expertise, advice, traceability of weights, certification, Warranty and non-Warranty service) our Authorized distributors and dealers provide to the proper application of our equipment, they deserve to be paid and they earn a reasonable commission.  This contradicts market trends where the 'point and click' mentality rules and there is a presumption that quality and performance of items available at low prices over the interet are the same.  They are not! 


There has been much misue of the NTEP logo seal (National Type Evaluation Program) as a presumed seal of quality and accuracy for the purposes of promoting the sale of devices.  While components receiving a Certificate of Conformance must pass a rigorous test of accuracy and permanence to receive the permission to display this seal, it is only in the proper application and placing in service of the device that it is deemed to be acceptable for commercial applications and meet the intended standards of NIST and the National Type Evaluation Program.  The intent of this process was never to duplicate the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval!

There are many cheaters in this process and due to budget constraints and the lack of priority of consumer issues in our tight economy, Weights and Measures-- especially in the US and mostly at that state level is lacking.  ISWM, in concert with our dealer/distributor members is continually working to right this wrong.


For these and other reasons, Pennsylvania Scale supports the ISWM.

Lancaster, PA; Montreal, Quebec; Seymour CT:
Measurement Canada has issued a blanket approval for the entire line of Pennsylvania Scale digital indicators Approval No. AM-5647 encompassing Model Numbers 7400/REM DIS (used with Airline Baggage scales model C64), 7400M, 7500M, 7600M, 7400E, and 7600E at 10,000 displayed divisions.  The approval includes the electronics-only package used for Airline Baggage applications with platforms furnished by others as well. 
According to company President Rainer Holmberg, this approval encompasses the entire Pennsylvania Scale (and Emery Winslow) line of weight indicators applied in applications ranging from bench weighing to truck scales in commercial applications subject to the restrictions listed on the Approval.
Due to the present exchange rate of the US Dollar and NAFTA trade agreements promoting free trade between the 2 countries, Pennsylvania Scale products are very price competitive to Canada-- due to the NAFTA Made in USA origin of our products, they are subject to a lower import tarriff than products sourced from other locations, including some imported to the USA and then forwarded to Canadian customers.
For more information, contact the factory or follow this link.  
Lancaster, PA - July 2007
Pennsylvania M64 Baggage Scales continue to gain acceptance throughout the world's travel destinations as well as several major Airlines and Airports within the USA.  A recent order (thanks to Pemica, an airport equipment provider based in Miami and Caracas, Venezuela) for 165 units is equipping 2 new terminals at Miami International Airport-- making MIA, the Gateway to Central and South American and Cruise ship destinations an airport that uses 100% Pennsylvania airline baggage scales!
Other recent major projects include the ASUR Airport in Cancun, Mexico; three (3) airports in the Dominican Republic; Ecuador, Peru, and all of Alaska Airlines and HorizonAir customers.  Due to the increasing need for security and economic necessity to charge for excess baggage weight, several BUS LINES and RAIL TERMINALS are adding baggage weighing stations to their check-in stations as well.  Due to confidentiality concerns, we are unable to list all of the baggage scale customers, however the increase in this business segment has been substantial.
The main advantage of M64 (USA) and C64 (Canada) scales are their rugged proven history, modular design, ease of service and repair, and practical application.  In fact, some of the original Baggage Scales manufactured by Pennsylvania Scale continue to provide reliable service at the USAir terminal at Pittsburgh International Airport-- over 15 years of service in an abusive environment.  Even better, the new PLUS+ Series board easily RETROFITS existing product.  Due to the practical design of these scales, they will be able to be serviced to new condition for the forseeable future! 
For more information, contact Pennsylvania Scale Company, 1042 New Holland Avenue, Lancaster, PA USA 17601 or email the manufacturer through this link or at

Seymour CT and Lancaster PA: February 15, 2007

Bill Fischer, President of the Emery Winslow Scale Companies—incuding the Emery Winslow and Pennsylvania Scale product lines—announces that Rainer Holmberg has been named Chief Technical Officer for the entire organization.

“As part of our re-evaluation of our business structure we thought it best to consolidate engineering efforts for the whole organization under one engineering head to provide consistency of direction and policy, especially in regard to product development and NTEP matters” says Fischer. “Rainer’s extensive business background in load cell, scale, and instrumentation design and production make him especially well suited for this task.”

With nearly 30 years experience in the successful design and manufacturing of weighing systems and electronic scales, Holmberg is highly regarded as an engineer and well known within the weighing industry. More recently he was responsible for the design of Pennsylvania Scales’ PLUS+ series main board architecture which is used in all products including the controls for Emery Winslow scales and weighing systems under the Emery Winslow brand.

He will continue to serve as President of Pennsylvania Scale.
Lancaster, PA:
A new 'standard' default setting has been added to the 7400+ and 7600E indicators for use as REMOTE DISPLAY devices, providing an off-the-shelf, easily configurable remote display option.  Within the default setting, the indicator is identified as "HOST" or "SLAVE" and by simple connection through the RS-232 data port, the Slave device functions as  Remote Display.
A setting option determines whether the front panel buttons would be active or not on the SLAVE unit.  One of the best features is that all of the functions and options (Ethernet, Analog Output, Setpoint, etc.) are active at BOTH host and slave locations. 
Given the expense and complexity of flip digit and other remote display options, using standard stock equipment for this purpose is very innovative and provides many interesting custom system options at the price of a standard unit.  With both units packaged in NEMA 4X Stainless Steel enclosures with u-bracket mounts, there are lots of possible installation points for a wide range of needs. 
The 7400+ unit is priced at $595; the 7600E is $645.
Lancaster, PA:
A newly designed option board utilizing Lantronix' XPort communication module, software license, and architecture is designed to fit ALL Pennsylvania 7000 series scales and indicators.  Priced at $250, the Ethernet option is supported and easily field installed.  It uses a purchased Lantronix (tm) XPort module which is widely accepted-- this makes interconnection a comfortable stress-free experience for programmers.
The Ethernet module assigns an IP address (pre determined, but reconfigurable) to the device and makes it possible to control/read all functions through the internet or theoretically anywhere in the world where there is internet service.  The included software license permits full access to Lantronix canned support for the device.
More and more purchasers are anticipating the future need for Ethernet communication for their weighing/batching systems and the availability-- either installed in the unit now-- or in the future-- of this option is an important feature in making the purchase decision.
For more information about theXPort, see brochure document click here.