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-- 100+ Years of Sustained Accuracy --

Proven Floor Scales: On-floor, In-floor, or Portable applications
  • Mild Steel or Stainless Steel models
  • 24 x 24" 500 lbs capacity to 96 x 120" 40,000 lbs capacity
All floor scales are not alike!  Pennsylvania 6600 Series floor scales are designed for least life cost and sustained accuracy with features that outperform the competition:
  • Premium black powder coat finish (mild steel models up to 60 x 60" 10K capacity)
  • Premium Sensortronics (tm), Coti , or equal load cells (4) adjustable leveling feet
  • 100% end loading capable of handling off-center loads or tanks
  • Heavy duty construction and low profile designed for portable or permanent applications
  • Free matching to any Pennsylvania Scale indicator for a plug & play installation
  • Wide range of capacities, platform sizes, and accessories such as ramps, pit frames and anchor plates
  • Made in USA - ship NAFTA Free Trade to Canada and Mexico
  • Suitable for Commercial Applications (subject to local Weights & Measures regulations)
  • Sizes from 24 x 24" to 96 x 120" and capacities 500 lbs to 40,000 lbs
  • FIVE YEAR Limited Warranty


Shown with optional loading ramps, we offer a wide range of sizes and capacities with premium features proving that not all platform scales are alike!
BEST DEAL:  No better scale than our 48 x 48" and 7500+ PACKAGE complete FOB Lancaster, PA or Terre Haute, IN

Ship skidded and precalibrated, ready for set-up-- plug and play right off the pallet!
  • Ideal heavy duty scale for shipping/receiving
  • 20' cable to quick disconnect/digital indicator
  • Proven 7500+ indicator weighs in lbs/kgs
  • Buttons for ZERO, UNITS, SAMPLE SET, and PRINT
  • High accuray counting and weighing
  • Standard RS-232 output with programmable data string
  • Choose 1000, 2000, 5000, or 10,000 lbs capacity same low package price

Compare construction, finish, Warranty, features, reputation, and long life design-- our 6600 Series outperforms the competition and provides least life cost and extended operation.


Click Here for PDF pit plan for 48 x 48" 3" high models (Do-it-yourself on-site)


Click Here for PDF of optional Pit frame for 48 x 48" 3" models 1/2/5/10K Models


Click Here for PDF of optional Pit frame for 60 x 60" 3" models 1/2/5/10K Models


Click Here for  PDF of 4-page 6600 Series Brochure


Click Here for PDF of 6600 User Manual



Wide variety of Accessories and Mount options

See your Pennsylvania Scale dealer or contact us for more information.  Options include:
  • LOADING RAMPS - with convenient knuckle saving hand holds, attachment brackets, and bolt-down tabs
  • ANCHOR PLATES - easily secure your platform to the floor in rough use applications
  • PIT FRAMES - used for easy installation in flush mount applications
  • STAINLESS STEEL LOAD CELLS - environment package for exposure to the elements; you can upgrade to Hermetically Sealed load cells for severe environments


There's even a difference in RAMPS:  Our loading ramps have UNIQUE knuckle-saving Hand Holds, attachment brackets, and bolt down tabs as standard equipment.  Premium powder coat finish up to 48" x 48" models.

Stainless Steel models at highly competitive pricing

Include Stainless Steel load cells and smooth plate (sand texture) top plates or optional Diamond Plate top surfaces, remote SS Summing boxes for mounting away from submersion and premium SS load cells, fasteners suitable for wet or washdown environments.  Standard sizes and custom sizes.  
6900 and 6950 Barrel Scales are ideal for Laundries and plants where space is at a premium - low 1-1/2" profile and 'live' side rails for small footprint

Bring us your most demanding application-- forklift traffic, point loading, steel mills, recycling centers for the right scale for your requirement that won't break the bank now or years down the road! 


(L)  Ideal where space is tight such as Commercial LAUNDRY applications, Barrel and Drum weighing-- non-portable M6900 floor scale includes 'live' side rails for oversize or bulky items and compact ramp.  Platform sizes with flat weighing surface have standard 30 x 30" and 36 x 36" areas + optional models up to 48 x 60".   
Choose the right Pennsylvania Scale indicator or DUAL BASE Counting Console for your application:


For Weighing and Counting applications, the value priced easy-to-use 7500+ and enhanced input 7600+ models are ideal:  Factory calibrated with Quick Disconnects, they are ideal universal indicators that are as easy to use as they are accurate.  4 Year Limited Warranty.  Standard SS enclosure with U-bracket for shelf or wall-mounting.  Standard RS-232 with programmable formatting.  Weigh in 2 units (Lbs/Kgs) standard and suitable for Commercial Applications upt o 10,000 counts.


Click Here forPDF of Technical Manual for 7X00Series Products




For High Capacity weighing applications, Batching, and Truck Scales, choose the 7400+ (5-button front panel) and 7600E weight indicators:  Optional setpoints with easily programmable sequencing, 2 independently programmable data outputs, optional Ethernet and Analog Output (0-10 VDC or 4- 20 mA) interfaces plus standard Truck In/Out program that has 300 Tare memories, you can't beat the 7600E for solid value and off the shelf flexibility for a wide range of environments and applications.  4 Year Limited Warranty. 


Click Here forPDF of Technical Manual for 7400+ and 7600E Models


Click Here forPDF of 7600E Brochure


Click Here forPDF of 7400+ and 7400E Brochure






For Dual Base Counting and Weighing (SAMPLE-TO-BULK operation), you can't beat the package of our 7600DB Counting Scale precalibrated to any Pennsylvania Scale platform or base.  


Click Here for PDF of 7600+ Scale Brochure



10 Reasons why Pennsylvania Scale floor scales outperform the competiton:


1.)    Vishay Sensortronics (tm)* brand premium load cells or equal

2.)    Meticulous corner adjustments-- FREE matching to any digital indicator!
3.)    CAD stressed designs-- scientifically engineered for point loading, strongest, least             deflection, and long life performance

4.)    Premium POWDER COAT finish (up to 72 x 72")-- all others premium black sprayed enamel, the same finish applied to truck scales subject to year round all weather use.

5.)    Extra heavy duty design:  For example we standardized on the HD 10K deck frame for all 48 x 48" models 1000, 2000, 5000, and 10,000 lbs capacity

6.)    REAL Warranties: 5 year Limited

7.)    Made in USA-- Lancaster, PA or Terre Haute, IN!

8.)    Special sizes and loading specs at standard prices-- call for pricing!

9.)    NTEP and Canada COC type approved up to 96 x 120" 20K designs

10.)  Friendly, flexible, and responsive customer service.


'SENSORTRONICS Equipped' - Thanks to a new commitment from Vishay Transducers, we are using more Sensortronics 65023 load cells in our M6600 series Floor Scales than ever.  Our standard floor scale has a 3" nominal height (base of foot to top of deckplate) and is 100% consistent with older units.  In fact, we've standardized on the 10K frame for all capacities 1/2/5/10K-- true HEAVY DUTY construction and quality components make our 6600 series a tremendous value.



Don't settle for cheap low cost imitations that cost you more in the long run--

Pennsylvania Scale products provide least life cost and easiest installation + service-friendly designs...